I believe in the power of balance between man and nature based on our accountability to the world we live in. My focus on ancient paths of Zen and Tao combined with my business knowledge brings old and new wisdom together for desired harmony.

The Earth is an abundant planet, prosperous with its 7 seas. We are here to enjoy the marvellous wonders of the world. I believe this brings with it the role of stewardship and personal accountability.

My mission, and the purpose of all my activities is to contribute to Earth’s revival.
Using the Lo Shu Grid for Positive Life Changes
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Explained: Lo Shu

The Lo Shu Grid can help you to harmonise your life. It is an ancient Chinese numerological practice and offers insights into your ‘personality’ and ‘life path’. By interpreting its patterns, you can address life challenges and find solutions to guide your choices and create positive changes.

It is said that the Lo Shu Grid has its roots in a time about 4,000 years ago. A mystical turtle made its appearance from the depths of the Yellow River in China. On its shell was a unique nine-square grid, with numbers ranging from 1 to 9 in each square. This grid became an integral part of Feng Shui and Taoist practices. Offering insight into the harmonious flow of chi.

How does it work

The Lo Shu grid is a square arrangement of nine cells, each numbered from 1 to 9. It reflects various facets of an individual’s situation as determined by their date of birth.

The grid’s numbers are a mirror to your unique characteristics and the energy you embody. Delving into the numbers linked to your birth date reveals your innate talents and the hurdles you may face. It helps you to understand your ‘personality’.


It helps you to balance your life by identifying which areas of your life are well-developed and which may need attention.

By studying the patterns on your grid, you can gain insights to help in making choices. To balance and to grow in various areas of your life, such as career, relationships, and finances.

The Lo Shu Grid can serve as a guide to help you navigate through life’s changes and challenges. Aiming to create harmony in your surroundings.

The grid is often used in Feng Shui to determine the auspiciousness of certain directions or placements within your home or office, potentially bringing in positive energy.

Experience it yourself

You can gain deeper insights into the Lo Shu practice and learn the calculation on your own in the ‘How to Harmonise Your Life’ program.

I use Lo Shu very often, e.g. during a private consult and a Geomancy project.