I believe in the power of balance between man and nature based on our accountability to the world we live in. My focus on ancient paths of Zen and Tao combined with my business knowledge brings old and new wisdom together for desired harmony.

The Earth is an abundant planet, prosperous with its 7 seas. We are here to enjoy the marvellous wonders of the world. I believe this brings with it the role of stewardship and personal accountability.

My mission, and the purpose of all my activities is to contribute to Earth’s revival.
Earth's memory: an insightful visualisation - Jeroen van Deutekom
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Earth’s memory: an insightful visualisation

While preparing for a Geomancy project I came across a very insightful poster Grandmaster Lim often refers to. I have a few of them in stock to offer to a client as it beautifully shows the many layers of history that cover the earth.

It helps to explain the necessity, or better, the potential impact of a Geomancy project. Certainly in European countries where there have been many wars and conflicts. Where new buildings are built on top of former constructions or buildings. Not to mention the natural grid of energies of underground watercourses, fault lines, black streams and the ley lines like Hartmann and Curry. 

A Geomancy Master delves into the energetic fabric of the surroundings of a house, real estate, office or land. Seeking to harmonise and heal.

“All these memories, emotions, and information of earlier human occupation lie dormant in the earth. Additionally, natural earth formations such as underground watercourses, and stress fields also have an energetic vibration. These can have a positive or negative impact on humans.”

Grandmaster Lim

The shown layers on the poster represent the long history of our Earth. Not only the last couple of hundred years (with the underground, canals, mines, etc.) but even way back to the Medieval times, the Vikings, the Romans, the Agricultural people, the dinosaurs, etc.

It al starts at the bottom with the beginning of the Earth, around 4.6 billion years ago.

How Geomancy works

Grandmaster Lim explains what a Geomancy Master does: “By means of profound transformational techniques and a broad knowledge and understanding of energetic interaction, a Tao Geomancy Master analyses the energies of an object, in order to then lovingly heal it. 

He identifies and classifies geopathic and historic disturbance zones of a site, and then heals it and restores its natural, harmonic original state. He utilises both ancient geomantic symbols and objects with strong positive energies, as well as contemporary techniques for developing self-awareness, personal empowerment, special abilities for Earth healing.

These transformational techniques can result in revitalised living and working spaces for individuals and businesses, so that they can more easily realise their full potential.


Imagine a building where every room breathes, where the very walls hum with vitality, filled with bright light. Businesses thrive, creativity blossoms, and individuals feel connected and awake. That is what Geomancy can do. It’s not just about land and buildings; it’s also about our own mind and body.

So, next time you walk through a door, pause. Feel the pulse of the ground beneath your feet. Perhaps, just perhaps, you’ll catch a whisper — a memory from centuries past.