I believe in the power of balance between man and nature based on our accountability to the world we live in. My focus on ancient paths of Zen and Tao combined with my business knowledge brings old and new wisdom together for desired harmony.

The Earth is an abundant planet, prosperous with its 7 seas. We are here to enjoy the marvellous wonders of the world. I believe this brings with it the role of stewardship and personal accountability.

My mission, and the purpose of all my activities is to contribute to Earth’s revival.

Weekly Chi Kung Class

Practicing this beautiful ancient art together

Our Chi Kung (also known as Qigong or Qi Gong) training is an open and warm gathering of people interested in learning this beautiful art. To support your physical and mental health, to find like-minded people. Our practices involve breathing exercises, body postures, movements, meditation, mental focus, and visualisation.


The word Chi (qi) means “life force” or “energy”, and the word Kung (gong) means “skill” or “work”. Chi Kung is a name for many very diverse exercises developed during thousands of years in China. They promote vital energy, mental strength, awareness and health. It is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), martial arts, and spirituality.


The Chi Kung style we practice the most is called Zhan Zhuang (pronounced ‘djam djong’). It is also called ‘standing like a tree’. The silent postures are the powerful core of the workouts, surrounded by moving exercises, which are based on these still postures.

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