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My path

I work as mentor and teacher, practicing Zen, Chi Kung (Qi Gong), Land Healing, Feng Shui and other related wisdom. My belief is in the power of balance between man and nature based on our accountability to the world we live in. Grateful focussing on ancient lineages of Zen and Tao combined with my current business knowledge brings old and new wisdom together for desired harmony between heaven, man and earth. To bring aliveness.

One day, when training for my first Ironman triathlon, I was hit by a car. Although the collision was serious, I found out the car was driven by an angel, changing my life forever. Searching for recovery, I was introduced to Qi Gong to recover from injuries completely. I found that I could not restart my training for a new Ironman and pick up my old job as a Business and IT consultant. I could only strike a new path with this newly gained wisdom, drawing on years of Zen practice. Which looked pretty clueless at the time.

I live in Amsterdam, together with my wife and two daughters in the spirit of a Zen monk.