I believe in the power of balance between man and nature based on our accountability to the world we live in. My focus on ancient paths of Zen and Tao combined with my business knowledge brings old and new wisdom together for desired harmony.

The Earth is an abundant planet, prosperous with its 7 seas. We are here to enjoy the marvellous wonders of the world. I believe this brings with it the role of stewardship and personal accountability.

My mission, and the purpose of all my activities is to contribute to Earth’s revival.
Explained: Geomancy - Jeroen van Deutekom
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Explained: Geomancy

The first part of this word ‘Geo’ refers to Earth, ‘mancy’ to science or definition. The art of Geomancy has been practiced in many different cultures of the world. I study and practice the Chinese or Taoist version. It extensively deals with the mastering of energies, including the Earth’s energy which ensouls stones, mountains, plants, and water. In old China, Geomancy masters were traditionally called to sanctify a place before purchasing it or building on it.

Imagine a building where every room breathes, where the walls pulse with rhythm. The light is bright, and the ceilings seem to stretch higher than their physical limits. In this space, businesses thrive, creativity blossoms, and you feel connected and awake. This is a place where harmony, abundance, and vitality are the natural state of being.

It is an ancient system that focuses on the harmonious arrangement of the energies present in the Earth and buildings on it. This art has been passed on from Master to student for thousands of years. It is also referred to as land vitalization and space clearing. It is considered to be part of the growing awareness of spiritual sciences.

The nature of Geomancy is difficult to describe. It’s like reciting the Heart Sutra, where, after some time, you begin to sense that something is happening, but it’s impossible to put that into words. When you try to describe your understanding, you realise that you’ve already lost it. As the Sutra says, it’s about ‘wisdom beyond wisdom’. The same is true when practicing Chi Kung. After some time, you begin to feel something, but if someone had told you about it beforehand, your mind might have dismissed it as ‘not possible’. On the other hand, your mind might make up fanciful stories about your Chi Kung practice. In both cases, only your body knows the truth. The same applies to a Geomancy project.


You are influenced by your environment

Have you ever noticed that you have a favourite spot in your house, or that there are places where you, your housemates, or pets avoid sitting? Or have you ever entered a building and immediately felt at home, or, on the contrary, felt uneasy and drained after a while? These feelings may be influenced by natural and man-made phenomena stored in the Earth’s memory, such as events from the past or underground features like water, tunnels, caves, and former roads. Earth grids, such as Hartmann, Benker, and Curry lines, also play a role. These phenomena have a positive or negative impact on inhabitants. Over time, these negative frequencies can drain the energy from a human body.

The air you breathe, the sounds you hear, and the light you see. The frequencies you perceive, both consciously and unconsciously. They emanate from appliances and matter around you. One of the most significant sources being the buildings you live and work in, and the Earth beneath them.

Enhance the positive

Geomancy is a practice that enables you to enhance the positive influence these sources. It empowers therefor your life. By optimising the natural and man-made phenomena, you can create a harmonious and vitalised environment that supports you and your family or organisation on well-being, prosperity, performance, and more. It is possible to focus on specific topics like harmony, health, relationships, good business, high education, etc.

After Geomancy has been performed the spaces in a building can feel more alive, vibrant, filled with fresh air and more bright light. Ceilings can feel as if they are higher than they physically are.

A good support for improved mental balance, heightened vitality level and an overall better experience of well-being. A solid base for peak performance.

Does it work?

People question the effectiveness of Geomancy and seek tangible proof of its results. While the mind may demand evidence, the true answer lies in the body’s response. Are you able to feel that response? One way to demonstrate the impact of Geomancy is by using the technique that Masaru Emoto developed.