How it all started...

Out of body experience

In 2001 I walked with my lunch on a tray in the company restaurant of one of the "big 4 firms". Under the guise of "work hard - play hard" I was really "popping", working more than 50 hours a week.

And then, during that lunch, I got these burning questions in my head. For the first time i had an out-of-body experience. "Is this it?" "Does this make me happy?"

Overwhelmed by all the colours, smells, sounds that I saw then, the conversations that I overheard from other tables, I no longer knew how and/or what. It was a very nice feeling to work, managing huge projects, being on top of things. Certainly… but in the long term? Is this worth it?

The search

At that moment my search began consciously. I followed a business course Zen meditation. It made a huge impact. Since then I have devoted myself to Zen. There was even a moment of choice. To go all out for Zen and leave the business life for what it is. The solution turned out to be a combination of Zen practice and daily business life — the art of finding peace and happiness in the middle of everything and to sustain it.